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Halal Certificate
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Certifying Authority:   JAKIM Issue Date:   2018-08-01
Upload Date:   2017-12-01 Valid until:   2020-07-31
Certificate Introduction

HALAL – JAKIM Malaysia is a Malaysian competent authority for the Halal certification work in Malaysia, its duty is to verify the Halal status of the products. Not only to carry out on-site inspection at the factory, but to also to inspect the Halal conditions of the raw materials, the verification shall be persistent and monitored. Therefore, the Halal Certification of Malaysia is known as the most recognized Halal certification in the world.

HALAL - 马来西亚JAKIM 负责马来西亚清真认证工作的主管机 关,其职责是核定产品的清真状态,不仅要到工厂进行常 规现场检查,也要核查原料的清真状态,这种核查在任何 时间是持久的和受监控的。因此,马来西亚清真认证为世 界上最被认可的清真标志之一。

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Halal Certificate