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PWR Food Industries Sdn Bhd 百沃食品工业有限公司

PWR Food Industries Sdn Bhd is a beverage and food manufacturing company incorporated in Malaysia in year 2011.

Our company provides one-stop services such as Research and Development, Manufacturing and Sales services.

Our products are manufactured through precise and standardized operating procedures.

Awarded Certificates –

MeSTI – is a food-safety program organized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)

HALAL – JAKIM Malaysia is a Malaysian competent authority for the Halal certification work in Malaysia, its duty is to verify the Halal status of the products. Not only to carry out on-site inspection at the factory, but to also to inspect the Halal conditions of the raw materials, the verification shall be persistent and monitored. Therefore, the Halal Certification of Malaysia is known as the most recognized Halal certification in the world.

We undertake and remain committed that the products are manufactured with absolutely quality, economical, and are tailored to the tastes and needs of the general public.

The needs, satisfaction and opinion from the customers are the fundamental force for our business in our endeavor towards the international stage.





MeSTI - 是由马来西亚卫生部(MOH)所认证的安全食 品标志。

HALAL - 马来西亚JAKIM 是负责马来西亚清真认证工作的主要机 关,其职责是审核产品的清真资格,有关部门不仅要到工厂进行常 规现场检查,也要核查原料是否符合清真规格,它是持久和受监控的。因此,马来西亚清真认证为世 界上最被认可的清真标志之一。

我们承诺与坚持所生产的产品是绝对优质,价格优惠, 而且迎合普罗大众的口味与需求。


Origin of White Coffee:

The White Coffee is a native product from Malaysia, with about 100 years in history. The name “White Coffee” does not necessarily mean that the color of the coffee is white, it was because a premium skim milk was mixed as the raw material, with top grade coffee beans such as Liberica, Arabica and Robusta were used in the baking process, a marginal content of caffeine was removed from the coffee by using mild hypothermia baking skills and a special process. Unlike high temperature charcoal-baked coffee, the process shall remove the sour and bitter taste from the coffee, also bringing the caffeine content to its lowest. With no additives added to enhance the taste of the coffee, the taste of the coffee is so aromatic and yet delicate to the stomach, it retains the original aroma and color of a coffee, with a pure and silky smooth taste in mouth, and a light golden milky color which is lighter than some common coffee, hence it was given the name of “White Coffee”.



Import Malaysian Origin Coffee, Good Coffee Starts From Here.

Has great growth environment – delicate and abundant rainwater, fertile soil, growing in the high altitude of more than 1500 above ground, destined to be a good coffee bean.

Handpicked carefully – to ensure that every customer can enjoy the best quality coffee bean, the workers of PWR Food Industries Sdn Bhd would strictly handpick all coffee beans prior to the baking process. The premium low caffeine Arabica and Robusta beans are carefully selected through three stages of filtering process by the workers to ensure the freshness of every single coffee bean.


极具优越生长环境 温和与充足的雨水,肥沃的土壤,生长在高海拔1500米以上的环境,注定了它天生就是一个好咖啡豆。

多次人工用心筛选 – 为了保证每一位顾客都能收到最优质的咖啡豆,百沃食品工业有限公司的员工在生豆烘焙前都经历严格的筛选。我们精选的上等低因咖啡豆 - 阿拉比卡与罗布斯塔,是经由三重人员精心筛选,以此保证豆子粒粒皆新鲜。

Health Care Function of Coffee

White Coffee can promote the metabolic function of the body, activates digestive system, rejuvenates rough skin. Furthermore, due to the fact that the coffee was baked under low temperature, it is free of trans fats, and has lower caffeine level compared to a common coffee, it is also in line with the healthy and slimming requirement of the modern generation and does not bring the heaty problems like common coffee does. The White Coffee can improvise the functionality of the heart, promote blood circulation to provide oxygen and nutrients to the body rapidly, and to assist the liver in disposing of the body waste and be excreted through the kidney. The metabolic function could eliminate fatigue effectively with a long lasting fatigue relieve effect. The white coffee can relive the functionality of liver and kidneys, can oxidize and disintegrate the acetaldehyde produced from alcohol into water and carbon dioxide to be excreted out of body. It also has the function of relieving hangovers.






The Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

The best time to drink coffee is during breakfast and after lunch, as this could promote gastrointestinal motility, assist the digestive system, it is capable of decompose high-calorie and high-fat foods, and will not cause irritation to the stomach when taken before food. It is best to avoid drinking coffee after dinner, to prevent it from causing negative effects on your sleep.



With our good reputation, we are expanding our business internationally by joining exhibitions all around the world. Foreign business entities are always welcomed to purchase from us.


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